About Our Groups

We offer peer support groups for those facing or supporting those facing mental health challenges.

Our attendees range from the ’20s to ’70s, women and men, with various challenges, but many report Depression, Anxiety, Hoarding, or Schizophrenia as primary concerns.

All of the facilitators are peers themselves…that is, they’ve “walked a mile in your shoes” – they’ve experienced the pain that you have.  They all have have real-world experience in peer support, and most are certified in Mental Health First Aid.

You can join a meeting and share how your wellness challenge is affecting you, and even get feedback from others (that feedback is to only be empathy or practical tips of what has worked well for another person) – none of us tells others what they “should” do, as we’re not doctors.   [If you need a doctor, please call 911]

There is no obligation to share…simply being at a meeting is enough.  And, you don’t have to get feedback.  The meetings are inviting and as engaging as you want to be.

Since we want to ensure that everyone feels the same level of comfort, we do ask that you join with your video on.   There ARE some specific meetings which are “video optional”…and so if you’re camera shy, choose one of those meetings.

Please ensure you are in a private space (not driving your car…that’s dangerous), so that what is said is not overheard by others.

And remember, what is said in the meeting, stays in the meeting!

Why Us

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Why I Started The Groups

As I was going through a deep depression, I had few resources to turn to. Indeed, there was no one I could talk to in the community.

After going through a course of therapy and reading a great deal of literature about how to re-frame my thinking and approach life differently, I came out from under that dark cloud of depression.

I also realized that I could give back to the community.

I wanted to help people, as Leo from the TV show The West Wing does with Josh.

Josh has just returned from seeing a psychiatrist due to his anger issues after he witnessed his ultimate boss, the President of the United States, get shot.

In this one-minute clip, his direct boss, Leo, uses this excellent story to illustrate how he will help Josh get through this.

I just LOVE this clip…please watch it.